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An emoji guide for your commit messages

Updated 20 Aug 2022

👋:wave:Say hi to the world.
🎨:art:Improve structure / format of the code.
⚡️:zap:Improve performance.
🔥:fire:Remove code or files.
🐛:bug:Fix a bug.
🚑️:ambulance:Critical hotfix.
:sparkles:Introduce new features.
📝:memo:Add or update documentation.
🚀:rocket:Deploy stuff.
💄:lipstick:Add or update the UI and style files.
🎉:tada:Begin a project.
:white_check_mark:Add, update, or pass tests.
🔒️:lock:Fix security issues.
🔐:closed_lock_with_key:Add or update secrets.
🔖:bookmark:Release / Version tags.
🚨:rotating_light:Fix compiler / linter warnings.
🚧:construction:Work in progress.
💚:green_heart:Fix CI Build.
⬇️:arrow_down:Downgrade dependencies.
⬆️:arrow_up:Upgrade dependencies.
📌:pushpin:Pin dependencies to specific versions.
👷:construction_worker:Add or update CI build system.
📈:chart_with_upwards_trend:Add or update analytics or track code.
♻️:recycle:Refactor code.
:heavy_plus_sign:Add a dependency.
:heavy_minus_sign:Remove a dependency.
🔧:wrench:AAdd or update configuration files.
🔨:hammer:Add or update development scripts.
🌐:globe_with_meridians:Internationalization and localization.
✏️:pencil2:Fix typos.
💩:poop:Write bad code that needs to be improved.
⏪️:rewind:Revert changes.
🔀:twisted_rightwards_arrows:Merge branches.
📦️:package:Add or update compiled files or packages.
👽️:alien:Update code due to external API changes.
🚚:truck:Move or rename resources (e.g.: files, paths, routes).
📄:page_facing_up:Add or update license.
💥:boom:Introduce breaking changes.
🍱:bento:Add or update assets.
♿️:wheelchair:Improve accessibility.
💡:bulb:Add or update comments in source code.
🍻:beers:Write code drunkenly.
💬:speech_balloon:Add or update text and literals.
🗃️:card_file_box:Perform database related changes.
🔊:loud_sound:Add or update logs.
🔇:mute:Remove logs.
👥:busts_in_silhouette:Add or update contributor(s).
🚸:children_crossing:Improve user experience / usability.
🏗️:building_construction:Make architectural changes.
📱:iphone:Work on responsive design.
🤡:clown_face:Mock things.
🥚:egg:Add or update an easter egg.
🙈:see_no_evil:Add or update a .gitignore file.
📸:camera_flash:Add or update snapshots.
⚗️:alembic:Perform experiments.
🔍️:mag:Improve SEO.
🏷️:label:Add or update types.
🌱:seedling:Add or update seed files.
🚩:triangular_flag_on_post:Add, update, or remove feature flags.
🥅:goal_net:Catch errors.
💫:dizzy:Add or update animations and transitions.
🗑️:wastebasket:Deprecate code that needs to be cleaned up.
🛂:passport_control:Work on code related to authorization, roles and permissions.
🩹:adhesive_bandage:Simple fix for a non-critical issue
🧐:monocle_face:Data exploration/inspection.
⚰️:coffin:Remove dead code.
🧪:test_tube:Add a failing test.
👔:necktie:Add or update business logic
🩺:stethoscope:Add or update healthcheck.
🧱:bricks:Infrastructure related changes.
🧑‍💻:technologist:Improve developer experience
💸:money_with_wings:Add sponsorships or money related infrastructure.
🧵:thread:Add or update code related to multithreading or concurrency.

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